TrainSignal Vs CBT Nuggets CCNA Video Training

People pursuing the CCNA certification have many options for preparing for their exam. They can follow the completely self-study path by reading ccna books and solving practice questions or they can attend an instructor-based classroom training. There is an option somewhere in between also (which in my opinion is the best option). This is a CCNA Video Training. With this option you still have the self-study element available, but you also have the benefits of an instructor-based training. Basically you get a video training package which walks you through step-by-step with visual examples, configuration explanations etc in order to learn and assimilate the material better.

The two biggest players in the certification industry which focus on video trainings are Train signal UDEMY and CBT Nuggets. In this post I will list and describe the features of the CCNA Video Training packages offered by both companies for having a quick view if you want to make a decision which package better fits your needs. I hope people looking to choose between Train SignalUDEMY Vs CBT Nuggets will find the following comparison helpful. Just keep in mind that both companies are excellent on what they are doing so whatever your choice is you will get top-notch training quality from both. However, in my opinion you will get a better value for money if you go with Trainsignal UDEMY since they are much cheaper and also offer lifetime access to the training material for a small one-time fee.


“Trainsignal” now operates under the name “Pluralsight” and I have no experience with them in order to make an honest recommendation. I highly recommend the Cisco trainings from UDEMY since I have used them and found them very helpful and effective in passing Cisco exams. I especially recommend the courses from Chris Bryant (CCNA and CCNP Boot Camps) who offers also special discount coupons for his trainings. You can get the CCNA training for $44 and the full CCNP training for just $99.


The information for Trainsignal below is not valid anymore. Please check out UDEMY as mentioned above.

CCNA Video Training Package Train Signal(Visit Site) CBT Nuggets(Visit Site)
Price $397 $49/month
Video Training Duration 29 hours 25 hours
27 hours
Number of Videos Included 21 videos 41 videos
59 videos
Video Format AVI and WMV WMV or Goldrush Streaming 
What’s Included in Package
 Online and Offline Training

 4 DVDs with

21 Training Videos

21 iPod Video Files

21 MP3 Audio Files

PDF Instructor Notes

A CD with 59 Videos
Guarantee 90-Days Total Experience Guarantee No Money Back Guarantee (only replacement guarantee for defective media)
Instructor Chris Bryant  Joe Rinehart
Jeremy Cioara 
Instructor Qualifications CCIE, CCNA, CCNP CCIE, MCSE, Novell CNE
Topics Covered CCENT (ICND1 topics) + ICND2 topics CCENT (ICND1 topics) + ICND2 topics
Practice Tests Included Free Full Version of Transcender CCNA Practice Exam package Optional SelfTest Software Practice Exam package (Extra $69 price)
Prerequisites This course requires a basic level of understanding, and is not ideal for a complete beginner to networking. A basic understanding of computers and networking such as CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ Certification or equivalent knowledge is recommended before viewing this training. 
Product Delivery 4 DVDs shipped to your home PLUS Instant Video Streaming Access to Training
– Goldrush Streaming (Stream Directly from CBT Nuggets)– Electronic Delivery (Download zip file) 

– Physical CD shipped to your home


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