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The “Cisco ASA Firewall Fundamentals” ebook, that I have authored and been selling on this website, took me many hours of hard work to write. In addition to the work effort of writing this ebook, it encompasses also enormous value from many years of experience in administering and implementing Cisco ASA firewalls.

Why am I saying all that? Because I feel angry and pity that many people try to find and download my ebook for free from various torrent sites or Rapidshare. My website statistics and keyword research revealed all this activity from people trying to get my ebook for free. I hate to say that but I will have to resort to legal measures if I find that my ebook is being shared on peer-to-peer or download sites. Believe me, paying $29 bucks for an ebook like that is nothing compared to the valuable knowledge that you will gain by purchasing it. Moreover, the updated third edition ebook is probably the only ASA tutorial available that covers all latest Cisco ASA configurations (version 9.x) features and also the only book that explains the differences between the older versions (for example NAT, ACL etc) in pre-8.3 and post-8.3 versions.

I believe that the best reward for my efforts to write this Cisco ASA tutorial is the excellent feedback and comments that I receive everyday in my email and on this blog from people who purchased the ebook. Take a look below for some comments from happy customers.


  1. Ali says

    Love the book, I always keep it on my computer as well as the printed version next to me and it has helped me learn and understand Cisco Firewalls so much better.

  2. shajan daniel says

    I want to purchase this book , can i create any username or password for that. please guide me how can i purchase this and how i can recive this

  3. Blog Admin says

    Hi Shajan,

    Thank you for your interest in my ebook. You can purchase the books here: . Go to the middle of the page on the section where it says “How do I pay and get the ebooks”. There are two options: Paying with a credit card or through paypal. After payment you will receive an automatic email with a download link to get the ebooks immediately.



  4. White Rabbit says

    This book is the Bomb i am Cisco Certifed in all four Catagories (CCNA R&S – Security – Wireless and Voice )My goal is to be CCNP with focus on Security , but before your book my experience with the ASA’s was about to make me bonkers . . . thank you so much. This book has to be one of the easiest learning experiences i’ve ever had. You now hold spot number 2 in my book of cisco instructors i wanna be like (Jeremy Cioara of CBT Nuggets is No. 1 )

  5. Blog Admin says

    White Rabbit,

    I really appreciate your feedback and comments about my Cisco ASA book. I’m always excited to hear from fellow professionals that my book has provided value to them. Regarding the ranking you’ve put me on your scale, I don’t think I deserve such a high spot. In any case I really appreciate it :)

    Thanks a lot


  6. sha says

    Hello Harris

    i am looking for ASA version 8.3 onwards. i have old book version upto 8.2 so now i need new book. is it available or not, if available how i can purchase that, give me the link to “how to purchase”



  7. Jib Jab says

    Instead of ranting here why don’t you start consulting if you know so much and have so much talent. You will make top dollar if you really have practical real world knowledge but I guess you don’t

  8. Blog Admin says

    Hi Jib Jab,

    Regarding your comment, I have a full time job which I like. Unfortunately I live in a small country where there are not a lot of opportunities for consultancy work (small market), so I will stick with my current job (in an ISP company). Well, whether I have practical experience or not, you can try me if you want. Come on, ask me some questions :)

  9. Maniram Sahu says

    Dear Harris,
    The Cisco ASA Firewall Fundamentals book is simply incredible.I was afraid of reading the Entire Cisco ASA firewall book as its too time taking to finish . But ur book has made my work easy .U did a splendid job in ur book. I would like to call it a short a precise book for quick and better understanding. The way u wrote the books shows that you are really a Master of ASA Technology. I hope in future u shall write books for CCIE level also, it will be a great fun to read the books written by you. Thanks from the Bottom of my Heart. I will be waiting for your CCIE Level books.

    Kind Regards,


  10. Blog Admin says


    It gives me great pleasure to hear comments like yours. Knowing that my book has helped professionals to learn the Cisco ASA is very satisfying for me because I have spent great effort to write the book. Thanks from the bottom of my heart too :)


  11. Oscar Cid says

    Good day ! The Cisco VPN configuration guide is awesome !
    I am taking the CCNA security soon and looking to complete the CCNP security as well, quick question, I can’t come across the commands to secure boot-image or secure boot-config on an ASA, I know they are supported in a router but they don’t work for me on my lab simulator for ASA 5520 version 8.4 (2). Thank you as always, regards Oscar

  12. Joe says

    Hi Harris,

    VPN is not that really hard to understand unless somebody will make you understand the concept in a simple and practical way. Your books are really amazing specially the Cisco VPN configuration Guide! I read a lot of VPN books, but yours is the best book I’ve ever read. It’s so practical and easy to understand. Keep up the good work!


  13. Blog Admin says


    I really appreciate your great feedback. I’m very happy that you liked my books. As a practical guy, I try to pass this skill into my books as well.

    Have a great day.


  14. shailesh says

    Hello, Can you please let me know what the differences between version 2 and version 3 are? I have already purchased version 2 but am curious to see what the new version entails.


  15. MOHAMMED ALI says

    HELLO Mr.Harris

    really is helpful book , easy to read , easy to understand , also easy for people not speak English very well , because they are many graphs and examples .

    please keep going .

    THANKS ,


  16. Ed says

    Nice books. However, all three books share incomplete configurations. Even the book “COMPLETE CONFIGURATION EXAMPLES WITH CISCO ASA FIREWALLS” has the statement ![other commands omitted]….
    For a beginner, like myself, it would have been helpful if you would have identified that set of commands once or twice so that I didn’t spend time second guessing the “complete” configuration when it didn’t work the first time.

  17. Harris Andrea says

    Hi Ed,

    The “commands omitted” are those that are not necessary to change. The ASA has some default commands that are just there and you don’t need to change them.

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