Best Way to Study for Your CCNA Certification

If you’re wondering what the best way to study for you CCNA certification is, then this article will give you the best possible ways in which to map out the learning materials. In order to give yourself the best chances of successfully passing the CCNA certification program, then setting up a proper study routine is paramount in your planning.

You’ll not only need to have the right study materials, but also the right mind set in order to complete the certification. When you start with a plan, and then add consistent daily effort to that plan, well then your path will be that much easier. As you’ll realize, time is precious and goes by at light speed, so use yours wisely.

First off you need to set aside specific times each day for your studies. If you have a family, or another full time job, then your time is that much more valuable, and you have to use it accordingly. When planning your study schedule you need to set aside two or three hour continuous segments each day.

It’s always a good idea to keep cue cards with your study notes on them for easy reference anytime you have a spare ten or fifteen minutes. But this is not going to be enough study time to if you want to pass your CCNA certification. You need to have large enough uninterrupted time to really focus and concentrate, especially when doing the lab work that is required.

After you sort out your plan of action, time management, mind set etc as described above, the next step is to use the proper study resources and training material that will help you to pass CCNA. The book resources from Cisco Press are a good starting point for learning the theory required in the CCNA exam. However, book resources alone would not be enough for most people, especially for those who don’t have the required practical experience with Cisco networking equipment. In addition to reading the books, I would suggest also to use a CCNA Video Training resource to get visual examples and “instructor-like” training on a self-paced mode which will help you tremendously.


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